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Inspired by the purpose to innovate, to inspire the human experience.

Revolutionary and visionary, a conceptual unique interdisciplinary thinker, that is an expert generating innovative perspectives that lead to innovative solutions.


A empathetic and compassionate innovator that creates from the soul.


QUOTE “Miss Lauto has the capacity to analyze, interpret, and dissect any information presented to her, matters not the subject or difficulty. Christine is in a class of her own and becomes the measuring STICK for which I as a professor will judge others.” Dr. Roger R., President, Hudson Valley Community College


QUOTE “She not only has intellectual gifts, but her dedication, commitment, and character will allow her to achieve success in any field she chooses. She has my highest recommendation.” Dr. Deborah L, Associate Professor of Clinical Biomedical Science, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine


Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name / Publication Name.





I am 15 different interdisciplinary titles:  

  • innovator

  • creative director

  • visual director

  • visual storyteller

  • photographer

  • photo stylist

  • podcast producer

  • podcast host

  • nft artist

  • book cover designer

  • ceo

  • founder

  • professor

  • scientist

  • human rights activist 




7 companies that have benefited from my ideas: 



Holder of 2 Master's Degrees:

1. Master's degree MA in Luxury and Fashion Management

2. Master's Degree in Biological Sciences |Focus of study Mitochondrial Science and Human Energy


Selected by LinkedIn to be an Top Expert Contributor for LinkedIn Collaborative Articles.



MIT Solve Solution Reviewer Global Challenges 2023.




In 2023 by curation selected by Flat Space Art, released on Flat Space Art a fine art one-of-one NFT collection titled the Gypsophila Diamond Collection.




50+ skills set including top skills of: innovator | visual storyteller | creative director | fashion and style | visual expert




In 2023 can be found on




6 years and 7 months as Innovator, Creative Director and Visual Storyteller experience.  




4 years and 2 month holding the position of Professor of the Business of Fashion and Fashion Design. 


Expert and experienced Professor teaching Business of Fashion, including Fashion Forecasting and Research and Fashion Design course.

Content designed and implemented an innovative and unique mode of instructions that could be applied to any class or class material being taught, with a high success rate, based on student survey feedback and grades.

Presented 3 hour long live lecture/discussion class sessions both online (remote) and on ground.



Subject matter expert (100%) in the business of Fashion and an Expert on what is Fashion and Style. 




In 2021 became CEO | Founder | Creative Director of the company "The Flower Gets Dressed"




In 2022 became Podcast Host and Podcast Producer of "The Flower Gets Dressed Show" available on Apple and Spotify and "The Flower Gets Dressed Show Official Playlist" available on Apple and Spotify




4x award winning photographer


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